The Santa Barbara Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America is a tax exempt, non-profit organization. 

I know it was rarely, if ever, said when you got back from ‘Nam.  Or even if  you had returned from another assignment overseas, perhaps Germany, Japan, Thailand, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Turkey, Greece or dozens of other distant bases and seaports around the globe. 


You may have never set foot in Vietnam proper or even got near the country or, as was the case with many a draftee, never even left the good ‘ole USA.  Some spent their entire tour of duty at posts such as The Presidio in San Francisco, or Fort Drum in New York, at SAC Command in Omaha or Camp Pendleton in California.  It matters not.  You are a Vietnam era Veteran and you deserve a loud “welcome home” and a “thank you for your service”!


Santa Barbara Chapter 218 of the Vietnam Veterans of America welcomes any and all Veterans of the era (officially designated as 1959-1975), whether you were “in- country” or not.  We also encourage and welcome Associate members; individuals from all walks of life who may or may not have served in the military, such as a family member or friend who wishes to support our organization. 

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge, 150 N. Kellogg Ave. in Goleta at 6pm.  A spaghetti dinner is available during the meeting for $9 per person.  Spouses, family members and Veterans of all eras are always welcome to attend.  Come by any time.  I know you’ll find us to be a friendly, engaging and supportive group.  We can always use your energy, your ideas and your leadership to continue to make this chapter (with over 100 members) as strong and vital as ever.


Learn more about us, how to become a member, and our on-going mission by navigating through our new and informative website. And use our contact link if you wish to reach us.   


Peter Bie

President VVA Chapter 218 | Santa Barbara

SP5 US Army (’67-’70)

Combat Correspondent, 16th PIO, II Field Force, Long Binh, (III Corp 1967-1968)

Door Gunner, A Troop, 1st /9th, 1st Air Cavalry Div., (I and III Corp 1968-1969) 

MEMBERSHIP: If you are a Vietnam veteran and are interested in membership with the VVA, please follow this link to VVA National where you will find a membership form to download and complete. You will be required to provide a copy of your DD214 in addition to applicable dues. If you are not a Vietnam Veteran, but would like to support the VVA, you are encouraged to become a member of the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA).Follow this link to the AVVA where you will find a membership application. Note: If you need assistance finding a copy of your DD214, follow this link to the National Archives for forms and instruction.