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Several years ago, the Vance-Bennick Family Estate bequeathed a substantial monetary donation to VVA Chapter 218, to be expressly used for the sole purpose of providing aid to qualified American Veterans.


If you, or a Veteran you may know is in need of a particular service, item, aid or home improvement (such as a wheelchair ramp), etc., you may apply for a grant from our Vance Memorial Fund by contacting any member of our committee. We can provide an application packet to you in person or via mail or fax.

Committee Members:

Chris Galbraith    Fred Golin (Chair)    Don Matter

If you would like to contribute to the VANCE Fund, your tax-deductible contribution to help grow this fund may be sent to:


VVA Chapter 218

P.O.Box 4862

Santa Barbara, CA, 93140

Attn: Vance Memorial Fund Committee


If you would like to discuss your donation or have any questions please contact

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